The Art of Unfriending: A Simple Guide to Cancelling Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

In today’s digital era, managing friendships on social media platforms like Facebook can be as complex as real-life relationships. According to a Pew Research Center study, 61% of Facebook users have unfriended someone. If you’ve sent a regrettable friend request or received an unwanted one, this article offers a step-by-step guide on how to cancel sent friend requests on Facebook.

First, clarify the misconception that there is a "Cancel Sent Friend Request" button on Facebook. Instead, after accepting a request, you can unfriend the person by visiting their profile and clicking "Unfriend" under the "Friends" drop-down menu.

For unanswered friend requests, Facebook does not provide an official solution. However, options include sending a message explaining your reasons or deleting the request from your end.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unfriending is common on Facebook; 61% of users have done it.
  • To unfriend someone, visit their profile and click "Unfriend."
  • For unanswered friend requests, there’s no official cancellation method, but you can delete the request or send a message.


  1. Can I cancel an unanswered friend request?
    A: No, but you can delete the request from your end to make it disappear for both parties.
  2. What happens when I unfriend someone on Facebook?
    A: They are removed from your friends list and no longer able to see your posts or interact with them in the same way.
  3. Can I block someone without unfriending them?
    A: Yes, use the blocking feature to prevent their content or contact attempts.