The Essence of Doing the Math with Streaming Services: A YouTube TV Price Hike Case Study


The recent YouTube TV price hike serves as a reminder to regularly evaluate our streaming subscriptions and calculate their true value. This article discusses the importance of doing the math and shares real-life examples.

YouTube TV Announced a Price Increase:

YouTube TV raised prices up to $2 more per month, totaling approximately $65 for existing subscribers (TechCrunch).

Doing the Math:

Calculate the total cost of your streaming services and determine if the content you consume justifies the investment. For example, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube TV together might cost over $100 per month.

Real-life Examples of Price Increases:

Netflix’s price increase from $7.99 to $15.49 for its Standard plan and Hulu’s Live TV price hike from $40 to $61 serve as warnings about the importance of staying informed and doing the math.

Comparing Streaming Services:

Consider content offerings, prices, and ad structures when deciding whether to keep a streaming service. For instance, if you can tolerate ads, Hulu might be more budget-friendly than YouTube TV.


With numerous streaming services emerging and price increases, regularly evaluating your subscriptions and doing the math is crucial. By weighing the value received and comparing offerings, you can make informed decisions about which ones to maintain and which to eliminate.

Every penny matters!


  1. How frequently should I reassess my streaming services?
    Answer: At least annually or upon significant price hikes.
  2. What transpires if I do not renew my YouTube TV subscription?
    Answer: You lose access to YouTube TV’s content and features.