“The Ultimate Guide to Finding Gifts at Training Grounds in Genshin Impact”

Are you looking for a way to enhance your gameplay experience in Genshin Impact?

Look no further!

In this guide, we’ll explore the best ways to find gifts at training grounds in Genshin Impact.

Training grounds are a great place to find valuable gifts that can help you improve your characters and their abilities. These gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from powerful weapons to rare consumables that can heal or buff your team.

First, make sure you have the necessary tools to explore training grounds. You’ll need a character with the Anemo domain, as well as a weapon with high attack power and a character with high elemental skill damage. This will allow you to effectively clear out enemies and collect gifts.

Once you’ve assembled your team, head to the nearest training ground. These can be found in various locations throughout the game world, so don’t hesitate to explore!

As you make your way through the training ground, keep an eye out for any gifts that may be hidden among the enemies or obstacles. Some gifts are easy to spot, while others require a bit of exploration and problem-solving to find.

Don’t forget to also collect resources along the way! These can include rare items like Mora coins, which can be used to buy powerful equipment, as well as consumables like healing potions and food.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to find valuable gifts at training grounds in Genshin Impact that will help you level up your characters and become a stronger player.