Top Features Rumored for Windows 12 to Revolutionize Your PC Experience (256 words)

Windows 12, Microsoft’s upcoming OS, is generating excitement in the tech industry. Although details are scarce, we can speculate on potential features based on user feedback and trends.

Here are our top desired enhancements for Windows 12:

  1. Multitasking: An improved taskbar with a split-screen view for multiple applications would facilitate effortless multitasking.
  2. AI Integration: AI could automate tasks, personalize experiences, and offer predictive text in applications for a more efficient and customized computing experience.
  3. Customizable Start Menu: A redesigned Start menu with live tiles and easy navigation would quicken access to frequently used apps.
  4. Advanced Security: With growing cyber threats, enhanced security features are essential. Expect improvements to the Defender system for robust malware protection and privacy settings.
  5. Virtual Desktop: Working from home necessitates managing multiple workspaces. A virtual desktop feature could help separate professional, personal, and entertainment desktops.

As we await Windows 12’s release, these features could significantly transform our computing experiences.

Share your desired features below!


  1. When is the release date for Windows 12? No official announcement has been made regarding the release date of Windows 12. Stay updated with Microsoft announcements.
  2. Is there a free upgrade to Windows 12? It remains uncertain if a free upgrade will be offered for Windows 12. Typically, Microsoft provides free upgrades to users running the latest OS version.