Uncovering the Rainbow Hidden in Pikmin 4: A Colorful Adventure to Find Each Onion

Join us on a quest to discover the locations of all ten unique onion colors in the upcoming vibrant adventure, Pikmin 4. With its rich storyline and captivating visuals, this game promises an unforgettable experience.

  1. Over ten distinct onion colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and more each with specific traits.
    • Red Onions: Fiery leaders of Pikmin squad.
    • Blue Onions: Swift for underwater exploration.
    • Yellow Onions: Adaptable all-rounders.
    • Purple Onions: Mysterious creatures that attract new Pikmin.
  2. Explore diverse landscapes, solve puzzles, and work together with your Pikmin squad to find these elusive onions.
  3. Success stories: Sarah from NYC found the Pink Onion in an ancient temple; John from Tokyo discovered the Black Onion using Yellow and Red Pikmin.
  4. Teamwork is crucial! Use different combinations of Pikmin to overcome obstacles and uncover hidden treasures.

  5. Each onion color holds a unique role in this captivating universe, promising new surprises in Pikmin 4.

Q: Which onion color is the rarest to find?

A: The rarity of specific onion colors varies per playthrough.

Q: Is there a guide available for finding all onion colors?



Gaming websites offer detailed guides and walkthroughs for locating each onion color in Pikmin 4.