Unleash the Thrill: Two Fan-Favorites, Call of Duty and Alan Wake, Join PS Plus in July 🎮

Calling all PlayStation gamers!

In July, two beloved titles, Call of Duty and Alan Wake, will join the PS Plus lineup. This article explores why these games are must-plays for any gamer.

Headline 1: Call of Duty – A Timeless Franchise

Call of Duty, a gaming icon with a rich 20+ year history, offers adrenaline-pumping multiplayer action.

Quote: “Stay Frosty!”

Headline 2: Alan Wake – Psychological Horror Masterpiece

Step into the chilling world of Alan Wake, a psychological horror game that keeps players on edge. Quote: "I’m here to help."

Comparing Thrills: Call of Duty delivers action and teamwork, while Alan Wake offers suspenseful horror experiences.

Both are perfect additions to your PS Plus collection!

Benefits of PlayStation Plus: Join the exclusive community for cloud saves, online multiplayer, and access to a growing library of games.

Ending Thought: With Call of Duty and Alan Wake coming to PS Plus in July, get ready for unforgettable gaming experiences! Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. When are these games available on PS Plus?
    • Both will be available in July for PS Plus members.
  2. Can I play offline?
    • Yes, both games have offline modes that can be enjoyed without an internet connection.
  3. Is a PS Plus membership required?
    • Yes, to access these games through PS Plus, you’ll need an active membership.