Unleashing Greatness: Top 5 Goalkeepers in FIFA 23 You Can’t Miss

Meet the exceptional goalkeepers in FIFA 23, handpicked based on gameplay, statistics, and expert opinions.

  1. Alisson Becker (Liverpool): Praised for his steady hands, lightning reflexes, and excellent positioning by Liverpool manager Jรผrgen Klopp.
  2. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich): Known for his sweeper-keeper style and commanding presence between the posts, endorsed by former Germany international Oliver Kahn.
  3. Gianluigi Donnarumma: The young Italian goalkeeper’s agility and potential make him an unbeatable force and the future of Italian goalkeeping.
  4. David de Gea: A consistent performer with a knack for dramatic saves, De Gea continues to solidify his reputation as one of the best.
  5. Comparing their FIFA 23 stats reveals impressive reflexes, agility, positioning, and mental attributes that set them apart.

Mastering saving with these top goalkeepers will give you an edge in becoming a FIFA 23 champion.


  1. Who are the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23 based on gameplay and stats?
    Answer: Alisson Becker, Manuel Neuer, Gianluigi Donnarumma, and David de Gea consistently rank among the best.
  2. What makes these goalkeepers stand out from others in FIFA 23?
    Answer: They excel in various aspects like reflexes, agility, positioning, and mental attributes.
  3. Are there any other exceptional goalkeepers worth mentioning?
    Answer: Yes, there are other talented goalkeepers, but these five consistently rank among the best based on our research.