Unleashing Jake’s Powers: The Top Perks to Crush MultiVersus Competition

Subheadings: 1. Introduction 2. Understanding Perks 3. Jake’s Perk Options 4. Top Picks and Strategies 5. Summary

  1. Introduction: Welcome, multiplayer warriors! Today we’re diving into the electrifying world of Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, exploring his best perks in MultiVersus to give you an edge over your opponents.

    Let’s charge up and get started!

  2. Understanding Perks: Perks are special abilities that amplify a character’s strengths or mitigate their weaknesses. They can significantly impact gameplay, making them crucial components of any winning strategy.

  3. Jake’s Perk Options: With six available perks (Bouncehouse, Cannonball, Frying Pan, Hothead, Ice King, and Looter), Jake offers versatility for various playstyles. Each perk has its advantages, so let’s delve into the top picks.

  4. Top Picks and Strategies:

    • Bouncehouse (Mobility): Enhance Jake’s mobility with this perk to quickly traverse stages and dodge attacks from enemies.
    • Cannonball (Offense): For aggressive players, Cannonball amplifies Jake’s melee damage, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.
    • Hothead (Defense): Ideal for defensive playstyles, Hothead absorbs more damage when Jake takes a hit, ensuring you can take more punishment and outlast opponents.
  5. Summary: By mastering these perks, Jake players can adapt to different situations and dominate the MultiVersus arena. Experiment with various combinations to discover your perfect playstyle!


  1. What are the other Jake perks apart from those mentioned?


    Jake has three other perks – Frying Pan, Ice King, and Looter. Each offers unique benefits catering to different playstyles.

  2. Can I change my perk during a match in MultiVersus?


    No, once you’ve selected your character and perk at the beginning of a match, they cannot be changed until the next one begins.