Unleashing the Magic: A Condensed Guide to Mirroria Gachapon Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Embark on a captivating journey through Tower of Fantasy’s world of gachapons! In this concise guide, we’ll uncover the secrets of three enchanting gachapon locations.

  1. The Enchanted Forest: Hidden within is an ancient tree with arcane symbols. Spin it to reveal a gachapon.
  2. Crystal Cavern: Beneath Tower of Fantasy’s surface, find a quiet corner guarded by a crystal golem holding a gachapon.
  3. Astral Arena: Test your skills at the bustling arena and uncover the secret gachapon filled with cosmic treasures in a corner.

Gachapons add excitement and adventure to Tower of Fantasy, offering various prizes from rare weapons to enchanting resources. Yes, some players engage in trades or sales, but keep in mind that pricing and availability may vary.

Stay tuned for more magical guides as we continue exploring the wonders of Tower of Fantasy!


  1. Where are the gachapons located in Tower of Fantasy?


    Find them at The Enchanted Forest, Crystal Cavern, and Astral Arena.

  2. What can be obtained from gachapons?


    Rare weapons, enchanting resources, and more!

  3. Can gachapon prizes be traded or sold?


    Yes, but pricing and availability may vary.