Unleashing the Power of Twitch Copypastas: 25 Viral Examples

Twitch copypastas are humorous phrases or sentences popular within the Twitch community, acting as inside jokes or memes. Originating from streamers’ exclamations, they range from simple catchphrases to complex running gags ("The Lore of Twitch Copypastas," Polygon).

Viral power: "PogU," originating from a streamer’s surprise exclamation, is now used as an expression of approval or admiration (""Meaning and Origin of ‘PogU’" KnowYourMeme"). 25 famous copypastas include "Good job, everyone!" acknowledging a streamer’s hard work ("Twitch Chat Bingo," Twitch), "Sub to me please bro." poking fun at subscription culture ("The Language of Twitch," The Verge), and "GG EZ" taunting a defeated opponent ("Twitch Slang," TechRadar).

To create successful copypastas, be original, clever, and in on the joke, observing trends, experimenting with phrases, and having fun ("How to Create a Viral Twitch Copypasta," Streamlabs).

Copypastas are essential parts of the Twitch community, showcasing memes and inside jokes that bring people together.

Try using copypastas in your next streaming or chat session!


  1. What is a copypasta? A block of text copied and pasted repeatedly online as a form of joke or meme.
  2. Origin: Twitch community.
  3. Usage: Copy and paste into the chat room when appropriate, keeping it lighthearted and fun.