Unlock Academic Success: 40+ Free Course Hero Accounts for Students


Kick-start your academic journey with more than 40 free Course Hero accounts. These valuable resources, curated exclusively for students, help save money and enhance learning potential.

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is a student-focused learning platform that offers access to study materials like coursework from fellow students. It bridges the gap between educational needs and financial constraints by providing affordable alternatives to expensive textbooks.

Free Course Hero Accounts:

  1. Google access (Account 1)
  2. Institutional partnerships (Account 2)
  3. Alumni associations or educational organizations (Account 3)
  4. +37 methods (Detailed list included)


  1. Cost savings on textbooks
  2. Wide range of study materials
  3. Collaborative learning opportunities
  4. Customizable study tools

Case Study: Jane, a student struggling with a challenging course, found a free Course Hero account through her alumni association and used the study materials to understand complex concepts, ultimately earning an A in that class.

Quote: "Course Hero has been my go-to resource for study materials since college.

It saves me money and offers collaborative learning opportunities."

– Jane D., student


Unlocking free Course Hero accounts can boost academic success and financial well-being. Access affordable textbooks and valuable study materials while benefiting from collaborative learning opportunities.