Unlock Exclusive Savings at Macy’s with These 15 Free Gift Card Opportunities

Macy’s shoppers can enjoy unexpected rewards through fifteen methods to obtain free gift cards. From birthday perks to social media contests, these opportunities add value and excitement to your shopping experience:

  1. Birthday Rewards: Macy’s Star Rewards members receive yearly gift cards.
  2. Surveys & Credit Cards: Completing surveys or signing up for credit cards can yield free gift cards.
  3. Cash Back Apps: Utilizing cash back apps like Rakuten, Ibotta, or Dosh can earn you free Macy’s gift cards.
  4. Referral Programs: Inviting friends to join Macy’s Star Rewards program grants rewards.
  5. Promotions & Charity Events: Special promotions and charity events offer free gift cards as incentives.
  6. Social Media Contests: Entering brand or Macy’s contests may result in winning free gift cards.
  7. Holiday Giveaways: During the holiday season, numerous giveaways and raffles provide chances to win free Macy’s gift cards.
  8. Employee & Student Discounts: Employees and students with valid IDs can receive discounts convertible into free gift cards.

  9. Military Discounts: Military personnel, veterans, and their families qualify for special discounts that can lead to free gift cards.
  10. Loyalty Program Rewards: Accumulating Star Money points in Macy’s Star Rewards program allows redemption for free gift cards.
  11. Charity Donations: Making charitable donations through Macy’s earns free gift card rewards.
  12. Trade-In Programs: Participating in trade-in programs for electronics or other items nets free gift cards as store credit.