Unlocking the Power of Genshin Impact’s Central Control Device: A Streamlined Guide

Feeling lost in Genshin Impact’s complexities?

The Central Control Device is here to help!

In this concise guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to activate it and boost your gaming experience.

My personal journey: I was captivated by Mondstadt’s vibrant characters but later felt overwhelmed managing resources.

Enter, the Central Control Device!

To activate it:

  1. Reach Adventure Rank 12.
  2. Speak with Diona in Mondstadt or Katia in Liyue Harbor to start the quest "Chasing Shadows."
  3. Complete the quest and return to the Statue of the Seven.
  4. Interact with the Central Control Device.

Why is it worth it?

This device offers vital information on nearby resources, enemies, and chest locations and enables teleportation between Waypoints, saving time. According to Polygon’s Genshin Impact experts, activating the Central Control Device significantly enhances gameplay efficiency.

In brief, unlocking this feature is a crucial step toward mastering Genshin Impact with its resource-streamlining and exploration optimization capabilities.

Give it a try and witness the difference!


  1. What’s the Central Control Device in Genshin Impact?
    A: It’s a feature offering essential information on nearby resources, enemies, chest locations, and teleportation between Waypoints.
  2. How to activate it?
    A: Reach Adventure Rank 12, complete quest "Chasing Shadows," and interact with the Central Control Device at the Statue of the Seven.