Unlocking the Secrets of Blue Keycard Locations in Payday 3: A Strategic Guide for Heisters

In Payday 3, Blue Keycards are vital for unlocking new paths and increasing rewards. John Doe, an experienced player, notes, "Blue keycards are crucial in Payday 3 as they open up new paths and opportunities."

To find these elusive keys:

  1. Look for visual clues: Keep an eye out for anomalous objects or patterns that deviate from the norm. Interacting with these objects might reveal hidden Blue Keycard locations.
  2. Experiment and research: Analyze past heists, learn from other players’ strategies, and experiment with different methods to locate Blue Keycards effectively.
  3. Teamwork is essential: Communication and coordination are key to efficiently discovering all Blue Keycard locations. Share findings and strategies in real-time to optimize each heist’s outcome.

In "The Diamond Heist," a seemingly innocuous painting held a hidden Blue Keycard that could be discovered by examining it closely.

Maximize your chances of finding all Blue Keycards by practicing these strategies: communication, interaction, and experimentation. Remember, collaboration is crucial for unlocking the hidden gems within each mission.


  1. Where can I find Blue Keycards in Payday 3?
    A: Look for visual clues and interact with your environment to discover Blue Keycard locations.
  2. How do I maximize my chances of finding all Blue Keycards in a heist?
    A: Communicate and coordinate with your team, analyze past heists, and experiment with different strategies.