Unlocking The Secrets of Escape Simulator’s The Attic: A Concise Walkthrough with Effective Tips

The Attic, a level in Escape Simulator, can be challenging but with these essential strategies, you’ll escape. Start by climbing the ladder at the entrance (Fig. 1) and exploring the room for the hidden key under an old couch. Use it to unlock the eastern door without triggering the alarm (Fig. 2).

Brain studies suggest our problem-solving abilities make escape games irresistible (Quinn & Peterson, 2016).

To master The Attic:

  1. Thoroughly examine every detail.
  2. Observe objects and their interactions carefully.
  3. Look for hidden patterns or sequences.
  4. Mentally map your environment to avoid getting lost.
  5. Communicate with teammates in multiplayer games.

Effective tips:

Take your time.
Be observant.
Consider sequences and patterns.
Keep a mental map.
Collaborate in multiplayer.

By staying determined, curious, and applying these strategies, you’ll not only escape The Attic but also unlock the thrill of problem-solving.


  1. What is The Attic in Escape Simulator?
    Answer: It is a level in Escape Simulator, a popular PC puzzle game where players solve puzzles to escape rooms.
  2. How do I open the door in The Attic?

    Answer: Find and use the hidden key in the room on the eastern door without triggering the alarm.