Unlocking Victory in Warzone 2 DMZ: Strategies for Finding the Elusive Caretaker’s House Key

The Caretaker’s House key, located in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, grants access to lucrative areas. Alex R., a gaming expert, highlights its significance: "The Caretaker’s House key opens new opportunities in DMZ." (Heading 1)

Player X shares their success story of obtaining the key: They paid attention to environmental clues and collaborated with teammates. (Subheading 1)

Findings for locating the Caretaker’s House key:

  1. Observe surroundings for abandoned houses or unique markings.
  2. Coordinate with teammates for increased chances of success.
  3. Stay alert, ready for enemy encounters. (Heading 2)

Teamwork strategies:

  1. Use communication tools like Discord or in-game voice chat.
  2. Share enemy movements and loot locations.
  3. Coordinate attacks to minimize losses. (Subheading 3)

Key takeaway:

Collaborate with teammates to maximize finding and securing the Caretaker’s House key for greater chances of victory in Warzone 2 DMZ. (Heading 3 & 4)


1. Where are common locations for finding the Caretaker’s House key?
Keep an eye out for abandoned houses or structures with distinctive markings.
2. Can one solo the DMZ mode and still have a decent chance of obtaining the Caretaker’s House key?
While solo play is possible, teamwork significantly increases chances of success.