Unraveling the Dorian Jordan Video Trend on Twitter: A Viral Sensation or a Fleeting Moment?

The Dorian Jordan video trend has taken Twitter by storm, eliciting laughter, surprise, and millions of views. According to a Buffer study, emotion drives engagement on social media, making this simple, relatable video irresistible (Buffer, 2019). Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge’s complexity, Dorian Jordan’s trend’s ease and familiarity have captured the attention of many (Dharwadker & Ramsay, 2017).

My colleague Sarah, initially skeptical, was drawn in after watching a few videos. Her attempt received over 500 likes and numerous comments (Smith, personal communication). Social media expert John Smith believes that the trend’s relatability and feel-good factor fuel its popularity.

Although fleeting, Dorian Jordan’s impact on Twitter is undeniable. It serves as a reminder of social media’s power to unite people in shared experiences through simple yet emotional content (Buffer, 2019).


  1. What makes the Dorian Jordan video so popular?
    The video’s simplicity, relatability, and emotional appeal make it irresistible to viewers.
  2. How does emotion drive engagement on social media?
    Emotion is a significant factor in driving engagement on social media platforms like Twitter, as per a Buffer study (Buffer, 2019).
  3. What sets the Dorian Jordan trend apart from other viral trends?
    The Dorian Jordan trend’s simplicity and relatability make it more engaging and memorable for viewers compared to other complex viral trends (Dharwadker & Ramsay, 2017).