Unraveling the Mystery of Finding Aranakula’s Branch in Genshin Impact: A Concise Guide

Explore the enigma of locating Aranakula’s Branch in Genshin Impact, a vital item for Anemo Archon Albedo’s potential.

Location and Quests
Aranakula’s Branch is situated in Liyue Harbor, near Wuwang Hill. (1)
Players can obtain it by completing the quest "The Mouth of Sorrow," which provides direct clues. (2) Alternatively, seek help from a statue southwest of Liyue Harbor. (3)

Hints and Clues

Interacting with the statue reveals Aranakula’s Branch’s significance and location.
Follow the path northeast from a nearby shrine to discover it among tree roots. (4)

Final Revelation
Upon finding Aranakula’s Branch, collect it for Albedo to unlock new abilities and enhance his performance in battles. (5)

Genshin Impact offers rich exploration and mystery. With this guide, you’ve embarked on the journey to discover Aranakula’s Branch using Anemo Archon Albedo’s assistance.

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  1. Where is Aranakula’s Branch located?
    Aranakula’s Branch can be found northeast of Wuwang Hill, near Liyue Harbor.
  2. How do I obtain Aranakula’s Branch in Genshin Impact?
    Players can complete the quest "The Mouth of Sorrow" or search for clues around Liyue Harbor to locate it.
  3. What are the benefits of using Aranakula’s Branch with Albedo?
    New abilities and enhanced performance in battles are unlocked when using Aranakula’s Branch with Albedo.