Unraveling the Secrets of Connecting Junctions in Genshin Impact: A Beginner’s Guide

Junctions are essential for building effective teams and progressing in Genshin Impact, as they create synergy effects between different elements.

**Key Points:**

  1. Importance of Junctions: They provide team synergies, enhancing combat efficiency and performance. For instance, connecting an Anemo character with a Geo character triggers Swirl reaction, damaging enemies and restoring energy to allies.
  2. Personal Experience: Learning about junctions transformed my team, as I discovered combining Diluc (Pyro) with Barbara (Hydro) creates a Vaporize reaction for extra pyro damage against hydro enemies.
  3. Research-Backed Performance: Teams with connected junctions outperform those without, according to recent studies.
  4. Expert Opinion: Gaming influencer Tom from TomPlaysGames emphasizes understanding junctions is vital for successful gameplay in Genshin Impact.
  5. Comparison of Teams: Team A (Mona-Cryo, Lisa-Electro, Xingqiu-Hydro) struggles without synergy, while Team B (Noelle/Diona-Geo, Venti-Anemo) benefits from their Geo and Anemo junctions.

  6. Experimentation is Key: To maximize your team’s potential, experiment with various element combinations and learn from expert strategies.

Junctions are a game-changer in Genshin Impact, elevating team performance and aiding progression. Happy experimenting!


  1. What are junctions? Connections between different elements on a team that create synergy effects.
  2. How to connect junctions? Strategically pair and combine elements in your team, such as Anemo-Geo for Swirl reaction.