What is Disney+ Premier Access, and how much does it cost?

Disney+, the popular streaming platform owned by The Walt Disney Company, has introduced a new feature called Premier Access, allowing subscribers to pay an additional fee and watch select movies and shows on the same day they’re released in theaters. This option is particularly attractive for those who prefer the comfort of their homes, want to save time and money, or wish to avoid crowded movie theaters due to health concerns.

The cost of Premier Access ranges from $29.99 to $39.99 per title. For instance, a family of five, like the Johnsons, who were planning to watch Pixar’s "Soul" in theaters, opted for Premier Access instead. Not only did they save time and fuel costs by avoiding the trip to the theater, but they also avoided potential crowds, making their experience more enjoyable and safe.

Compared to traditional methods like renting or buying movies, Premier Access proves to be cost-effective in the long run. While renting a movie usually costs around $4-$6 per rental, and purchasing or downloading it can cost upwards of $15, paying a one-time fee for Premier Access grants unlimited access to the title for as long as it remains on Disney+. This means families like the Johnsons can watch their favorite movies multiple times without incurring additional costs.

Moreover, Premier Access also offers the convenience of instant access. Instead of waiting for a movie to become available for rental or purchasing a digital copy that may take hours or even days to download, subscribers can instantly watch their preferred titles as soon as they’re released. This is especially beneficial for new releases that generate buzz and high demand.


  1. Is Premier Access included in the monthly Disney+ subscription? No, it requires an additional fee per title.
  2. Can movies be downloaded for offline viewing with Premier Access? Yes, for a limited time as per Disney+ policies.

  3. Are there any hidden fees with Premier Access? No, the cost is clearly stated per title.

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Disney+ Premier Access is not only convenient but also an affordable solution to entertainment in the new normal. With its attractive pricing and long-term cost savings, it’s an excellent addition to Disney+’s already extensive library.