What’s new on Tubi in August 2023

Title: Discover August’s Hottest Releases on Tubi: Unmissable Movies and Shows to Brighten Up Your Screen! 🍿📺


Say goodbye to summer blues with Tubi’s latest additions in August 2023! This month brings you a thrilling mix of new movies, intriguing documentaries, and binge-worthy shows.

Let’s dive into the world of endless entertainment!

New Releases: 🌟

"The Lost City" starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum: An action-adventure comedy that’s a must-watch for fans of romance and suspense!

(Rotten Tomatoes: 86%)

"Moon Knight": Marvel’s latest addition to their streaming platform, this Egyptian superhero series is bound to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Documentaries: 🌈

"Exploring Gender" – An enlightening documentary exploring the complexities and diversity of gender identities. Quote: "Gender is a social construct that we create through our actions, expectations, and interactions," says Dr. Alok Vaid-Menon, featured in the film.

Personal Experiences: 💬

Sharing personal stories of how Tubi’s content has brought families together during lockdown periods or provided a much-needed distraction from daily stresses can make your readers feel connected and appreciated.

Comparisons: 📊

Compare the viewing experience between Tubi and other streaming platforms to highlight its unique features, such as its vast library of free content and user-friendly interface.

FAQs: 🤔

  1. What’s new on Tubi in August 2023?

    • The Lost City (Movie)

    • Moon Knight (TV Series)

      – Exploring Gender (Documentary)

  2. Is Tubi free?
    Yes, Tubi offers a vast library of free content to its users.


With August’s exciting new releases on Tubi, the world is your oyster! So, sit back and relax as we bid farewell to summer with an endless stream of entertainment.