Where to get the Pilgrim’s Perch Key in Lords of the Fallen

The Pilgrim’s Perch key is an essential component in Lords of the Fallen, a challenging action role-playing game filled with intrigue and combat. This elusive item is hidden within the Forgotten Temple, located northwest of the Cathedral, and serves as the key to unlocking new areas, encounters with powerful enemies, and advancing the player’s journey in the game.

To begin your quest for this crucial artifact, consult your map or use landmarks as guides to navigate your way to the Forgotten Temple. Be warned: the path leading there will not be an easy one. Expect to face off against formidable foes, testing both your combat skills and strategic thinking.

Upon reaching the temple’s entrance, prepare yourself for a challenging encounter with the guardians that protect this ancient sanctum. Once you have successfully defeated these adversaries, step inside the main chamber, where a puzzle awaits. Three altars stand before you: one to the north, another to the south, and a third to the east.

The order in which you interact with these altars is crucial. To unlock the Pilgrim’s Perch key, follow this sequence: begin by interacting with the altar located to the north, then proceed to the one at the back of the room (to the south), and finally touch the altar on the eastern side. This specific order must be adhered to for the puzzle to be solved correctly.

Once you have successfully completed this puzzle, a sense of accomplishment will fill you as the Pilgrim’s Perch key appears in your inventory. With this newfound treasure, doors once sealed will now open, granting access to previously unexplored areas within Lords of the Fallen and ushering in exciting encounters with even more powerful enemies. This essential quest serves as a reminder that perseverance and attention to detail are rewarded in the world of Lords of the Fallen.