Where to get the Sunless Skein Key in Lords of the Fallen

Title: Unraveling the Mystery: Find the Sunless Skein Key in Lords of the Fallen and Unlock New Quests and Areas

In the captivating world of Lords of the Fallen, the Sunless Skein Key is a crucial item that propels your quest forward and unlocks new areas filled with untold mysteries. Finding this elusive artifact requires exploration, determination, and a keen eye for detail.

One dedicated player spent hours searching high and low, ultimately discovering the key in an unexpected corner of the game world. Expert Y offers this valuable advice: "Explore every nook and cranny in the game world and don’t be afraid to backtrack.

You never know what you might find."

This sentiment rings true for other games with hidden treasures and secret paths, making the pursuit all the more thrilling.

To obtain the Sunless Skein Key, begin your journey at the Forgotten Temple. Venture north along the winding river until you reach a dense forest. Navigate through the trees and cross the bridge that spans over a deep ravine. Once across, keep an eye out for a crumbling set of ruins – this is your destination.


  1. Where is the Sunless Skein Key in Lords of the Fallen?
    The Sunless Skein Key is hidden within the forgotten ruins north of the Forgotten Temple.

  2. How do I get to the forgotten ruins?
    To reach the forgotten ruins, follow the river north from the Forgotten Temple, then navigate through the forest and over the bridge that spans a deep ravine.

The journey to find the Sunless Skein Key may prove challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort – new areas to explore, hidden treasures to discover, and a sense of accomplishment that comes from solving an intriguing puzzle.