Why blood glucose tracking on the Apple Watch may finally happen

Title: Revolutionizing Diabetes Management: Why Blood Glucose Tracking on Apple Watch Could Be a Game Changer

Wearable technology, led by Apple Watch, has revolutionized health management by making vital sign tracking effortless (Forbes, 2019). For people with diabetes who need to monitor blood glucose levels, this feature is long-awaited. Millions of diabetics worldwide share the desire for seamless glucose monitoring (IDF, 2020).

Apple’s acquisition of Glucose Sensing tech firm, SenseMed, and partnership with Dexcom fuel speculation about this feature (TechCrunch, 2021). A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine demonstrated the accuracy of smartwatch-based glucose monitoring systems (Garaulet et al., 2020).

This innovation would enable discreet blood sugar level checks during meetings or outings, empowering individuals with diabetes to take quick action. Studies vary regarding the accuracy of smartwatch-based glucose monitoring; further research is needed for precision (IDF, 2020; Garaulet et al., 2020). No official announcement has been made, but the progress suggests potential possibilities for easier diabetes management.


  1. Is there an official announcement regarding blood glucose tracking on Apple Watch?
    Answer: No, but recent acquisitions and partnerships suggest progress in this direction.
  2. How accurate is smartwatch-based blood glucose monitoring?
    Answer: Varying degrees of accuracy; more research needed for precision.
  3. Will blood glucose tracking on Apple Watch replace traditional methods?
    Answer: No, it’s intended to complement existing methods and make diabetes management easier.