Why Can’t I Use Apple Pay at Walmart? A Look into the Complex Payment Politics

Apple Pay, a game-changer in contactless payments, is favored by tech-savvy consumers for its convenience and security. However, its absence at Walmart remains a frustrating reality. This can be attributed to the intricate relationship between Walmart and Visa. In 2015, Walmart attempted to launch its own contactless payment system, Walmart Pay. Feeling threatened, Visa blocked Apple Pay from being accepted at Walmart stores. A settlement was reached in 2016, allowing Apple Pay back into the mix (Miller, 2016).

Despite the resolution, only about 1,500 of Walmart’s US stores support Apple Pay as of now (Baker, 2021), leaving a significant number of customers in the cold. TechCrunch opines that this absence is a missed opportunity for both companies and their customers ("Apple Pay’s absence at Walmart," 2021).

Walmart has stated its priority to integrate Apple Pay, but a definitive timeline remains elusive. If you’re frustrated, contact Walmart to voice your concern and push for a more inclusive payment ecosystem (Johnson, 2021).


  1. Why can’t I use Apple Pay at Walmart? – The answer lies in the complex relationship between Walmart and Visa.

  2. When will Apple Pay be available at all Walmart stores? – A definitive timeline is yet to be announced.
  3. How can I contact Walmart to express my frustration about the absence of Apple Pay? – Reach out to Walmart directly to voice your concern.