Why Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who Stands Out as the Best Version of the Timeless Hero

Jon Pertwee’s tenure (1968-1974) as The Doctor marked a significant shift in the beloved BBC series with his unique charm and intrigue. Unlike predecessors, Pertwee’s Doctor was unconventional, combining quirkiness and hidden depth that drew audiences in. His witty dialogue and captivating personality made him stand out.

During this era, Doctor Who ratings saw a dramatic increase, reaching an audience of over 10 million viewers for the first time. Experts attribute this success to compelling storylines and Pertwee’s engaging performances. Chris Clugston-Mole, author of "Doctor Who: The Essential Guide," notes that Pertwee humanized and made The Doctor more relatable, resonating with fans.

Pertwee’s influence on future Doctors is evident in the high standard he set for comedic timing, engaging storytelling, and character development. His impact remains unparalleled, making his version of the Doctor truly the best.


  1. What made Jon Pertwee’s Doctor different?
    A: Pertwee brought a unique blend of charm, wit, and intrigue to The Doctor that set him apart from other versions of the character.
  2. Why was Jon Pertwee popular during his time on Doctor Who?
    A: His tenure saw significant ratings increases due to captivating performances and compelling storylines.
  3. How did Jon Pertwee influence future Doctors?
    A: He set a high standard for comedic timing, engaging storytelling, and character development that resonated with fans.