X, formerly Twitter, may be about to test 3 subscription tiers

Twitter’s exploration into subscription tiers, Gold, Silver, and Blue, represents a potential shift in the company’s business model that could bring both benefits and risks [1]. Similar to LinkedIn’s premium features for professional networking and YouTube Premium’s ad-free video streaming [2][3], these subscription levels offer exclusive perks such as ad-free browsing, priority customer support, and custom app icons.

The benefits of Twitter’s subscription model extend beyond an ad-free experience. Users may also gain priority access to new features before general release and earn exclusive badges that showcase their commitment to the platform [1]. This approach is seen as a more sustainable business model by some experts, allowing Twitter to generate revenue while providing enhanced services for its user base [4].

However, critics argue this shift could create a two-tiered platform and potentially alienate free users. They fear that premium features may become essential for an optimal Twitter experience, making it less accessible to those who cannot afford the subscription fees [1]. This concern is shared by some Twitter users, who have expressed mixed feelings about the subscription model [4][5].

While the pricing and release details of Twitter’s subscription tiers remain unconfirmed, experts like Mark Schaefer acknowledge potential risks but also see opportunities for a more sustainable business model [4]. The impact on Twitter’s user growth rate is yet to be seen. However, it is essential to consider that LinkedIn and YouTube have successfully implemented similar premium models with varying degrees of success [2][3].

Overall, Twitter’s subscription tiers represent a significant change in the company’s approach to monetizing its platform. While some users are excited about the potential benefits, others express concerns over accessibility and the creation of a two-tiered system. Only time will tell how this shift will impact Twitter and its user base.


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