Xbox 2023 Games: A Retrospective on Missed Launch Titles – Fable Legends and Scalebound

Xbox Series X fans missed out on several anticipated games initially scheduled for release around the console’s launch in 2020, including "Fable Legends" from Lionhead Studios and PlatinumGames’ "Scalebound." These titles have since been delayed or canceled.

Delayed Developments:

Despite the disappointment of these missing-in-action games, there is hope. Many developers have continued working on these projects, giving them a potential new life. Alex Rushdy, Games Editor at IGN, believes that the delay has allowed developers more time to refine their titles and create better end products (IGN).

Case Study: Halo Infinite

One example of a delayed game revival is "Halo Infinite." Originally planned as a launch title, it faced numerous setbacks, ultimately being postponed to December 2021. The extra time has given the team at 343 Industries an opportunity to make significant improvements, ensuring a worthy addition to the Xbox library.


Though some of the most anticipated Xbox games didn’t make it to the Series X launch lineup, the additional development time provides new life to these titles. We eagerly await their eventual release and remain hopeful for other delayed Xbox gems.


  1. Why were "Fable Legends" and "Scalebound" delayed or canceled?


    Reasons include technical difficulties and changes in development teams.

  2. Is it common for games to be delayed?


    Yes, game delays are prevalent in the industry.

  3. Will we ever see the release of "Fable Legends" or "Scalebound"?


    There’s a possibility that these titles could still be released, but there’s no definitive answer at this time.