Xfinity talks about its surprising smart home announcements at CES 2018

Xfinity, Comcast’s digital services arm, made shocking announcements at CES 2018, introducing advanced smart home solutions that redefine living, working, and playing. These innovations include facial recognition for personalized alerts, voice control integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, and enhanced safety and security features. For instance, John, a busy father, can now monitor his kids or elderly parents using live feeds and receive alerts for potential threats. Expert Maribeth Ross praises Xfinity’s offerings as more than just security; they provide peace of mind and convenience through services like Amazon Key and smart thermostats. Xfinity distinguishes itself from competitors by seamlessly integrating with existing products, creating a hassle-free, comprehensive smart home solution. Overall, Xfinity’s CES 2018 announcements represent a bold step forward in the future of smart homes where convenience and security merge seamlessly.


  1. What are Xfinity’s smart home solutions? – Xfinity offers integrated smart home solutions including security systems, voice control integration, and automation features.

  2. How does facial recognition work with Xfinity Home? – Facial recognition is used to identify family members and send custom alerts based on their presence.
  3. What new services were announced by Xfinity at CES 2018? – Xfinity introduced advanced features like facial recognition, voice control integration, and seamless integration with existing products like TV, Internet, and Voice.