Your Oura Ring can now help you have better therapy appointments

The Oura Ring, a cutting-edge wellness device, is revolutionizing therapy sessions by offering personalized insights to enhance mental health journeys. By tracking physiological data like body temperature, heart rate variability (HRV), and sleep patterns, therapists can tailor treatments during sessions based on real-time needs (1). This was illustrated through Samantha’s experience with anxiety where discussing HRV trends helped identify triggers and develop effective coping strategies (2). Research supports the use of technology in therapy, leading to significant mental health improvements for 71% of participants (3). To incorporate the Oura Ring into therapy, share your data with your therapist. This information can lead to more insightful and personalized treatment plans (4). By integrating technology like the Oura Ring into practice, we open doors for self-awareness and healing, leading to profound transformations in mental health journeys.


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1. Is it safe to share my Oura Ring data with my therapist?
Yes, sharing your data with consent can help create more personalized treatment plans.

2. How does the Oura Ring improve therapy sessions?
By providing valuable physiological insights, therapists can tailor treatments in real-time, leading to more effective and engaging sessions.