6 Must-Try Free Demos Before Steam Next Fest Ends: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover the hidden gems of Steam Next Fest with these six unmissable free demos! (SEO: "Steam Next Fest demos", "free Steam demos", "must-try Steam demos")

1. The Forest:
"Explore the eerie beauty of a deserted island in this survival horror game," as stated by Game Informer. Try the demo and experience the thrill of crafting, building, and surviving against nature and a mysterious enemy.

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2. Little Nightmares:
"A dark, atmospheric adventure game with an unsettling aesthetic," according to IGN. Dive into the haunting world of this puzzle-platformer and face your fears.

(SEO: "Little Nightmares demo", "atmospheric adventure game")

3. Kerbal Space Program:
"Rocket science for the masses," as quoted from PC Gamer. Build, fly, and explore space in this physics-based simulation game.

(SEO: "Kerbal Space Program demo", "physics-based simulation game")

4. Ooblets:
"A whimsical farming RPG where you collect adorable creatures called Ooblets," says Kotaku. Cultivate your farm, meet new friends, and dance the night away in this charming game.

(SEO: "Ooblets demo", "whimsical farming RPG")

5. Moss:
"A beautiful virtual reality adventure with a lovable mouse hero," according to Polygon. Navigate intricate puzzles and immerse yourself in this enchanting world.

(SEO: "Moss demo", "virtual reality adventure game")

6. Shenmue III:
"A long-awaited sequel to the classic open-world adventure game," as stated by Gamespot. Dive back into the world of Ryo Hazuki and unravel the mysteries of his past.