Where to find Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite

Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Discovering Fortnite’s Elusive Scout Regiment Footlockers and Their Invaluable Contents

Fortnite’s Scout Regiment Footlockers have become a source of excitement for players due to their elusive nature and the valuable loot they contain. In this expanded guide, we will discuss where to find these hidden gems, what’s inside them, effective strategies for discovering them, and frequently asked questions.


Scout Regiment Footlockers are often concealed in hard-to-reach areas, typically near Ruins or Points of Interest (POIs). One was discovered behind tires in Retail Row, highlighting the importance of thoroughly searching these spots. Keep an eye out for unusual objects that seem out of place and may hide a footlocker.


Upon discovering a Scout Regiment Footlocker, players are rewarded with rare weapons and resources. These items can significantly impact gameplay by providing a competitive edge. According to recent data analysis, one or two footlockers are usually found per game, making them precious finds.

**Strategies for Finding:**

To maximize your chances of locating Scout Regiment Footlockers, visit various areas at different stages of the match. Exploring a POI early in the game may yield more results as other players have yet to search it thoroughly. However, be cautious as rival players might also be on the lookout for these hidden treasures. Stay adaptable and keep searching for new opportunities – they can drastically change the course of a battle.


  1. What’s in a Scout Regiment Footlocker?
    A: A Scout Regiment Footlocker contains rare weapons and resources that can give players an advantage over their opponents.
  2. How many can be found per game?
    A: On average, one or two footlockers are discovered each game. Keep in mind that the location and availability of these treasures may vary, making them even more exciting to find!
  3. Can Scout Regiment Footlockers be found anywhere on the map?
    A: While they can appear at any location, they are most commonly found near Ruins or Points of Interest (POIs). Be sure to thoroughly search these areas for the best chances of discovery.
  4. How do I identify a Scout Regiment Footlocker from other chests or containers?
    A: The distinctive design of the footlocker with the Scout Regiment emblem is a clear indicator that it’s one of these elusive treasures. Always keep an eye out for this symbol when searching for valuable loot.