A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Sumeru Rose Seeds in Genshin Impact

Sumeru Roses are an integral part of the mystical world of Sumeru in Genshin Impact, adding a touch of beauty and vibrancy while serving practical purposes. These roses contribute significantly to crafting recipes, character builds, and the game’s ecosystem, making them an essential resource for players (Introduction).

Sumeru Roses can be primarily found in and around Sumeru Forest, thriving near water sources for optimal yield. The presence of water ensures that these flowers are at their healthiest and most productive state (Heading 2).

To maximize your seed collection, employ the following strategies:

  1. Utilize Swirl Geo Ability: Characters with Swirl Geo abilities like Albedo or Ningguang can create a swirling vortex when using their Elemental Skills near a Sumeru Rose. This interaction results in a more extensive seed drop, allowing you to collect multiple seeds from a single cluster (Heading 3 Tip 1).
  2. Anemo Characters: Anemo-based characters such as Diluc or Venti can help in collecting seeds by creating wind currents that carry the seeds into your character’s inventory. This technique is particularly useful when collecting seeds from hard-to-reach areas or clusters located high above the ground (Heading 3 Tip 2).

Seasoned players recommend exploring every corner of Sumeru Forest for maximum Sumeru Rose Seeds yield, as some patches may contain more seeds than others. Be sure to investigate hidden groves and nooks that are not easily visible from the main paths (Heading 4 Expert Opinions).


  1. How many seeds can I collect from a single Sumeru Rose cluster? Each flower patch can produce a maximum of 3 seeds.
  2. Can I trade these seeds with other players within the game? Trading these seeds with other players is not an option within Genshin Impact.

In summary, collecting Sumeru Rose Seeds is crucial for advancing in Genshin Impact and offers more benefits than just their aesthetic appeal. To optimize your collection process, employ Swirl Geo abilities, Anemo characters, and explore every nook and cranny in Sumeru Forest (Summary).