Adapting to the Centered Start Menu in Windows 11: A Modern and Efficient User Experience

Windows 11’s updated Start Menu marks a significant shift from the familiar Windows 10 design, leaving some users feeling nostalgic. This change, however, brings new possibilities for an improved user experience.

Long-time Windows user John shares his initial frustration: "Windows 11 has altered my access to favorite applications, as they are now scattered across the taskbar and within folders." (TechCrunch)

Introduced in Windows 11 is a Centered Start design, which positions the Start button and menu at the center of the screen. This adjustment enhances visual space and streamlines the interface. (Microsoft Support)

To maximize the benefits of this new layout, consider pinning frequently used apps directly to the taskbar or creating folders for easy access. Utilize the Search function for quick file and application location. (Microsoft Support)

Tech expert Sarah Bell emphasizes, "Though it may take time to adjust to the Centered Start design in Windows 11, ultimately, it offers a more modern and efficient way to interact with your operating system."

Embracing change often leads to increased productivity and enhanced user experiences. As we adapt to Windows 11’s Centered Start Menu, let’s explore its potential advantages together.


  1. How do I pin apps to the taskbar in Windows 11?
    • Right-click on an app in the Start menu or on the desktop and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’.
  2. How can I create folders in Windows 11?
    • Right-click on an empty space in File Explorer, then select ‘New’ and choose ‘Folder’. Name it as desired.
  3. Can I still use the classic Start Menu in Windows 11?
    • Regrettably, no, Microsoft has removed this option from Windows 11.