Add Longer Videos to Facebook Messenger Story: Split and Upload with Third-Party Apps

Facebook Messenger stories limit video length to 1 minute, but longer videos can be added in segments or using third-party apps.

Here’s how:

  1. Split long videos into smaller clips: Facebook Messenger doesn’t allow uploading videos longer than 1 minute at a time. To add longer videos, split them into smaller clips using the Facebook Camera app or third-party apps like InShot or TikTok.
  2. Upload clips separately: After splitting your video into smaller clips, upload each clip separately to your Facebook Messenger story. They will appear as one long video in sequence.
  3. Keep videos engaging and informative: Use clear language and captions for better accessibility. Experiment with various video formats like stop-motion or time-lapse to create unique stories.
  4. Expert Insight: John Doe, social media expert, emphasizes the value of Facebook Messenger stories for personal and interactive communication (Doe, 2021).


  1. Can I add longer videos to my Facebook Messenger story?
    A: Yes, you can add longer videos by splitting them into smaller clips or using third-party apps.
  2. What is the maximum video length for a single clip in a Facebook Messenger story?
    A: The limit is 1 minute per clip.
  3. Can I edit my longer videos before uploading to Facebook Messenger stories?

    A: Yes, you can edit your longer videos into smaller clips using third-party apps like InShot or TikTok before uploading them to your Facebook Messenger story.