Boost Your Discord Community: A Concise Guide on Adding Member Count with Images

Discord newbies, learn how to enhance your server’s appeal by adding a member count feature in these easy steps. Showcasing your growing community attracts potential members and retains existing ones.

  1. Navigate to Server Settings: Log in to Discord, select your server from the sidebar, click on the gear icon for "Server Settings."
  2. Enable Public Members List: Go to "Members," toggle on "Public Members List" under this tab to make the member count visible.
  3. Customize Member Count Display (Optional): For a personalized touch, go to "Widget" under "Server Settings." Create a custom invite link with the member count displayed as part of the widget.

Why is member count essential?

Discord is popular among gamers (Statista, 2021), and displaying your growing community size makes your server more attractive.

Follow these steps to make your Discord community thrive!


* What’s a public members list on Discord?

A feature that displays the member count of your server to anyone who visits it.

Can I hide the member count on my Discord server?

Yes, keep your server’s member count private by not enabling the “Public Members List.”

* Can I customize my Discord server widget?


Customize the invite link and display the member count in the widget.