Adding XRP to MetaMask: A concise Guide

Want to add XRP to your MetaMask wallet?

Here’s a simplified guide with essential steps and real-life examples.

XRP is a digital asset, while MetaMask is a web3 wallet. To use XRP in MetaMask, transfer it from a compatible exchange or trust wallet.

**Step 1:** Transfer XRP to a Compatible Wallet

Buy XRP from trusted exchanges like Binance or Coinbase and send it to a compatible wallet, such as Trust Wallet.

**Case Study:**

Buy 10 XRP from Binance and send it to Trust Wallet.

**Step 2:**

Add XRP to MetaMask

Install MetaMask, add XRP as a token by pasting its contract address (Ripple Labs, Inc. XRP), and send the tokens from your compatible wallet to MetaMask.

**Step 3:** Verify and Ensure Safety

Confirm successful transfer by checking transaction details in both wallets and double-checking addresses before sending tokens.

According to Ripple’s global head of regulatory relations, Sagar Sarbhai, MetaMask is a popular choice for holding and interacting with XRP due to its user-friendly interface.

Adding XRP to MetaMask opens up opportunities like trading and staking. Always ensure safety by double-checking addresses before sending tokens.


1. Why use a compatible wallet before adding XRP to MetaMask?
Compatible wallets, such as Trust Wallet, are required for successful XRP token transfers.
2. Can I buy XRP through MetaMask?
No, you must first purchase XRP from an exchange and send it to a compatible wallet before moving it to MetaMask.