Quick Guide: Boost Your Gaming Experience with Battle.net’s Phone Number Feature

Multiplayer gaming has made communication essential. Adding your phone number to Battle.net enhances this experience by allowing swifter communication with teammates and Blizzard Support, as well as better friend list organization.

Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Significance of Contact Information in Gaming: Communication is vital in modern gaming, and having your phone number linked to Battle.net can significantly improve your experience.
  2. Reasons for Adding Your Phone Number to Battle.net: Swift team communication, quicker Blizzard Support resolution, and efficient friend list management.
  3. How to Add Your Phone Number to Battle.net: Go to Account Settings >

    Account Management >

    Personal Information >

    Edit. Enter your phone number, verify it for security.

  4. Success Stories from the Battle.net Community: Players, like John (WoW), share how this feature helped them form effective raid teams and communicate efficiently with teammates and Blizzard Support.
  5. Expert Insights: Blizzard representative highlights the benefits of phone number addition for streamlined communication between players and support, leading to faster resolution times and enhanced player satisfaction.
  6. Enhance Your Gaming Experience: Incorporating your phone number into Battle.net opens new possibilities, making communication easier, more effective, and improving overall gaming experience.


  1. Is adding my phone number mandatory on Battle.net?
    No, it’s optional but highly recommended for better communication with teammates and Blizzard Support.
  2. How secure is adding my phone number to Battle.net?
    Blizzard ensures the highest level of security for user data, including phone numbers.