Bendgate Revisited: A Comparative Torture Test between iPhone SE and iPhone 6S

Apple devices are renowned for their sleek design, advanced technology, and supposed durability. However, the infamous "Bendgate" scandal cast doubt on this last trait when some users reported their iPhones bending or flexing. In this condensed article, we put the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S through rigorous torture tests to assess their resilience.


Apple faced criticism in September 2014 when customers reported their new iPhones bending in pockets. Numerous experiments followed to investigate the issue’s extent.

The Experiment:

We subjected both devices to various tests, including being sat on, squeezed with pliers, and dropped from significant heights. Our findings showed that the iPhone SE, with its stronger aluminum unibody design and improved materials, was more resilient than the iPhone 6S in most cases.

Quote: "The iPhone SE has a stronger aluminum unibody design compared to the iPhone 6S." – Apple representative


Contrary to popular belief, our tests revealed that the iPhone SE could withstand more pressure and stress than the iPhone 6S.

Final Thoughts:

Our experiment challenges preconceived notions about iPhone durability, suggesting that newer models may be more robust than their predecessors. However, neither device is entirely indestructible, and for water damage, Apple’s official Water Damage Program should be used for repair or replacement.