Will iPhones be Discounted on Prime Day 2023? A Look at Historical Data and Market Trends

Apple’s iPhones have rarely seen significant discounts during Amazon’s annual Prime Day sales. However, an exception occurred in 2021 with the iPhone 12 series (Fig. 1). Based on historical data, expert opinions, and market trends, here are our predictions for Prime Day 2023.

Historical Data:

Apple typically maintains premium pricing during Prime Day sales (Quote 1).

Expert Opinions:

Some tech analysts believe Apple may consider price cuts due to increasing competition and slower market growth rate (Quote 2).

Market Trends:

The global smartphone market is expected to grow at a slower rate in 2023, pushing companies like Apple towards discounts (Case Study: Samsung Galaxy S21).


While it’s uncertain if iPhones will be discounted on Prime Day 2023, historical data and expert opinions suggest that Apple tends to maintain premium pricing. However, market trends indicate a possibility of price cuts this year.

Stay tuned for updates!


  1. When is Prime Day 2023?
    Answer: Mid-July is expected for Prime Day 2023.
  2. How much discount can we expect on iPhones during Prime Day 2023?
    Answer: Discounts may range from 10% to 20%, but the exact figure is unknown.
  3. Is there any evidence of Apple considering price cuts for its iPhones in 2023?
    Answer: Based on expert opinions and market trends, there are signs that Apple might consider discounts during Prime Day 2023. However, it’s not confirmed yet.