Best Size-Up Escape Packages in NBA 2K23

Welcome, basketball enthusiasts! In NBA 2K23, the thrill of outsmarting opponents on the court to secure a victory is second to none. To optimize your gaming experience and take your skills to the next level, consider incorporating the best Size-Up Escape Packages: The Ankle Breaker, Power Surge, and Magic Man.

  1. The Ankle Breaker: A fan favorite among players and spectators alike, this classic Size-Up Escape Package is perfect for quick dribblers looking to confuse defenders. The Ankle Breaker includes essential moves such as Cross Over, Between-the-Legs, and Spin Move. Cross Over allows for a swift change of direction, leaving opponents guessing which way you’ll go next. Between-the-Legs is an effective feint move that forces defenders to commit prematurely, creating space for your next move. Lastly, the Spin Move lets you deceive defenders by turning in one direction before going the other way, leaving them struggling to keep up.

  2. The Power Surge: Ideal for players with powerful builds such as Shaquille O’Neal or LeBron James, the Power Surge Size-Up Escape Package offers unmatched control and intimidation on the court. With moves like Power Dribble, Bulldoze, and Spin-In, you’ll easily maneuver through crowded areas and leave defenders in your wake. Power Dribble lets you push past opponents with sheer strength, while Bulldoze enables you to force your way through tight spaces. Lastly, the Spin-In move allows for a powerful spin toward the basket once you’ve created some separation from your defender.

  3. The Magic Man: Suited for agile and elusive players, this Size-Up Escape Package includes Crossover Pro, Hesitation, and Spin-Around. Crossover Pro is an advanced version of the classic Cross Over move, allowing for more intricate feints and deception. The Hesitation move throws defenders off balance by abruptly stopping and changing direction, creating opportunities for open shots or drives to the basket. Lastly, the Spin-Around move lets you quickly turn 180 degrees, giving you a clearer path to the hoop or allowing you to evade defenders with ease.

Unlock your team’s potential by experimenting with these top picks and ensuring victory on the court while leaving opponents in awe of your agility. Remember, customization is key – tailor your player’s Size-Up Escape Package based on your preferred playing style to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.


Q: What are Size-Up Escape Packages in NBA 2K23?

A: They are collections of dribbling moves that help players effectively shake off defenders and create scoring opportunities.

Q: Can I customize my player’s Size-Up Escape Package in NBA 2K23?

A: Yes, assign different moves and combinations according to your preferred playing style for optimal performance on the court.