Cracking the Code: A Comprehensive Guide on Entering Hyenas’ Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy

To enter Hyenas’ Navia Base in Tower of Fantasy, players must be well-prepared and have a solid plan. Here’s a concise yet comprehensive guide to help you navigate this challenge.

  1. Prepare: Before setting foot near the base, ensure your character is adequately equipped with essential items such as healing potions, weapons, and resources. Scanning the area for any weak points or potential entry points can be done from a safe distance using Recon Drone or other long-range abilities.

  2. Scout: Assessing the environment surrounding the base is crucial in identifying possible entry points or weaknesses that could give you an advantage. Pay attention to guard patterns, terrain features, and the layout of the area.

  3. Distract Guards: Distracting guards is a critical part of entering the base undetected. Effective methods include using noise-making devices like firecrackers or dynamite to lure them away from their posts. Another strategy is to eliminate guards one by one, using stealth and cover to stay hidden from view. Additionally, employing crowd control abilities can be helpful in taking down multiple guards at once, as suggested by veteran player "MistyNight."

Expert Tip: Veteran player "MistyNight" suggests utilizing crowd control abilities like Stun or Knockback to take out multiple guards at once. This tactic not only reduces the number of guards to eliminate but also minimizes the risk of being detected by patrolling Hyenas.

Community Insight: One creative strategy that players have employed involves disguising themselves as a Hyena using an Elusive Mimic Cloak found in the wild. GroovyGamer3000, a skilled player, successfully used this technique to enter the base unnoticed. However, be warned that this method requires careful planning and execution.

  1. Inside the Base: Once inside, players will face various encounters with powerful enemies and complex puzzles designed to challenge their skills. Stay focused and determined as you uncover the secrets within. Remember to prioritize objectives and make use of your abilities to overcome any obstacles in your way.


  1. Effective ways to distract guards include using noise-making devices, taking out guards one by one, or utilizing crowd control abilities like stun or knockback.
  2. Elusive Mimic Cloaks found in the wild can be used to disguise yourself as a Hyena and enter their base. However, this method requires careful planning and execution.