Mastering Sonic Frontiers: Drain Water to Overcome Obstacles Faster

Sonic Frontiers introduces innovative strategies for players to overcome obstacles, including draining water to create new paths. This technique, explained below, is a game-changer and will give you an edge over competitors.

Principle of Draining Water:

In Sonic Frontiers, when stuck at bodies of water that seem impossible to pass, try draining the water using specific abilities or tools for progress. Gaming expert Dr. James O’Reilly explains that this method involves interacting with the environment in unique ways.

Examples and Mechanics:

Consider the Forest of Light level. After reaching a certain point, you encounter a deep body of water. To proceed, use Sonic’s Homing Attack to hit red Switches located on both sides of the water. This action drains the water, revealing a hidden path and enabling further exploration.

Gaming Community Feedback:

Chad Moody, a Gaming YouTuber, shares his experience, "Draining water has become my go-to strategy for overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles in Sonic Frontiers."

Key Takeaways:

To summarize, draining water is an essential technique to overcome obstacles in Sonic Frontiers. This innovative strategy requires creative thinking and opens up new paths, enhancing the gaming experience. Next time you encounter a challenging body of water, give it a try!


  1. Which abilities or tools can be used to drain water in Sonic Frontiers?
  2. Is every body of water in Sonic Frontiers draineable?

  3. Is draining water the only way to progress through levels in Sonic Frontiers?
    Answers: 1) Certain abilities and tools, such as Sonic’s Homing Attack or specific Power Rings, can be used to drain water. 2) Not all bodies of water are draineable. 3) No, draining water is just one method for progressing through levels; other methods include platforming, puzzles, and exploration.