Fixed Device Shrine Puzzle Solutions

One of the most common fixed device shrine puzzles involves a series of blocks that need to be arranged in a specific pattern to open a door. To solve this puzzle, players need to pay close attention to the symbols on the blocks and use their items to manipulate them into place. Another puzzle requires players to push boulders onto pressure plates to create a path to reach the end. In this case, players should think creatively about how to use their items to create an unstable platform to support the boulders.

Tips for Successful Fixed Device Shrine Puzzle Solving

In addition to paying attention to detail and using items together, successful fixed device shrine puzzle solving requires patience and practice. Players should take their time to study the puzzles and experiment with different solutions until they find one that works. It’s also helpful to approach these puzzles systematically by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts.


Fixed device shrine puzzles are a challenging yet rewarding aspect of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. With these tips and strategies in mind, players can overcome any obstacle and unlock the powerful weapons and rewards that await them at the end.