How to Extract 4 Thumb Drives in Warzone 2 DMZ

Title: Maximizing Rewards in Warzone 2’s DMZ: Extracting Four Thumb Drives Simultaneously for Optimal Progress and Inventory Management

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode offers hours of exciting gameplay filled with valuable intel and loot. However, the limited number of thumb drives available can hinder your progress. Maximizing rewards by extracting four thumb drives at once is an effective strategy to streamline inventory management and boost your cache.

Why is it essential?

The DMZ mode’s rich environment provides significant benefits in the form of valuable intel and loot. However, the number of available thumb drives can restrict progress. Simultaneously extracting four drives increases your cache size and brings you closer to unlocking new content or selling valuable intel on the black market.

Gaming expert Mark "Marky_Marks" Johnson emphasizes the importance of multiple thumb drives: "Using multiple thumb drives at once can be a game-changer" (IGN). To do this, acquire a specific extraction device.

How to Extract Four Thumb Drives Simultaneously?

  1. Obtain an Extraction Device:
    Acquiring an extraction device is the first step. You can obtain it through various in-game means such as buying it from the Buy Station or discovering it as loot. Keep in mind that the availability of this item might be limited, so it may take some time and effort to secure one.
  2. Prepare Your Thumb Drives:
    High-capacity thumb drives are essential for optimal data extraction results. Ensure you have four high-capacity thumb drives ready for use.
  3. Positioning and Extraction:
    Once you have your extraction device and prepared thumb drives, position yourself at an extraction site. Insert all four thumb drives into the device’s slot one by one. The data transfer process begins as soon as all drives are inserted. This efficient method allows for quicker progress in the DMZ mode.


  1. How do I obtain the extraction device?
    A: Acquire it through various in-game means such as buying it from the Buy Station or discovering it as loot.
  2. Can I use any type of thumb drive for this method?
    B: Use high-capacity thumb drives for maximum data extraction and efficient progress.