How to Catch Fish in The Cistern on Nessus in Destiny 2

Title: Mastering Destiny 2’s Nessus Cistern Fish Catching: Tips, Techniques, and Strategies for a Rewarding Experience

Embark on an exciting journey into Destiny 2’s Nessus Cistern to catch elusive fish. Fishing in this mysterious underwater world offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation as you explore various exotic species that dwell beneath the waves.

Techniques & Strategies:

  1. Bait Selection: Experiment with different bait types for optimal results. Some common baits include worms, lures, and even fish parts. Each bait attracts specific fish species, so it’s essential to adapt your strategy based on the quarry you seek. For instance, using a shiny lure can entice rare or elusive fish.

  2. Fish Spots: Explore various areas within the Nessus Cistern for optimal catch rates. Look for spots near underwater ruins or edges of the cistern, as these structures often attract more fish due to the nutrient-rich environment they provide.

  3. Timing: Be patient and wait for the right moment to cast and reel in fish. Fish are more active during certain hours, so timing your fishing trip accordingly can increase your chances of a bountiful catch.

Case Study: Player X, a seasoned Guardian, successfully caught a rare fish using a special lure at Nessus Cistern’s northernmost point. After observing the area for several minutes, they identified the presence of specific fish species around the ruins. By carefully selecting the appropriate bait and timing their cast perfectly, Player X managed to reel in the elusive catch, boosting their collection and progression within the game.

Expert Opinion: Patience and persistence are crucial for successful fishing trips. The rewards of catching rare or exotic fish make the experience even more satisfying.

Remember that every cast could be your lucky one – keep trying!

Rod vs. Harpoon: Rods provide more precise casting, allowing you to target specific areas with greater accuracy. However, they may take longer to catch fish due to the need for careful reeling. On the other hand, harpoons offer faster catch times but sacrifice precision for speed. Choose your preferred tool based on your fishing style and the specific fish species you aim to catch.


Best bait for rare fish?

Experiment with various types to find what works best for each fish species.

Is fishing in Nessus Cistern the only location?

No, other areas in Destiny 2 also offer this activity. Explore and discover new fishing spots across the game’s diverse landscapes.