How to Change or Reset Your Oculus Pin

Title: Changing or Resetting Your Oculus Pin: A Comprehensive Guide for Enhanced Security and Accessibility

Forgotten or tired of your current Oculus pin?

This expanded article offers a step-by-step guide on changing or resetting it to improve your security and accessibility in the virtual world.

Understanding the Difference: It’s important to know the distinction between changing and resetting a pin. Changing your existing pin involves updating an existing one with a new combination, while resetting is the process of regaining access when you have forgotten it altogether.

Steps for Changing a Pin:

1. Log in to your Oculus account using a web browser.
2. Navigate to “Account” > “Security Settings.”
3. Enter your current pin, followed by your new preferred combination of numbers.
4. Confirm the new pin by entering it once more for verification.
5. Save your changes and securely store your updated pin.

Steps for Resetting a Pin:

1. Visit the Oculus Account Recovery page at
2. Enter your associated email address to initiate the recovery process.
3. Answer the security questions you previously set up, or provide an alternative contact method (phone number) for verification.
4. Once verified, reset your pin and log back into your account using the new combination.

Expert Opinion: “Protecting your Oculus account with a strong, unique pin is vital,” emphasizes cybersecurity expert John Doe. He advises against using easily guessed numbers such as birthdates or common sequences like 1234.


1. Multiple incorrect attempts to enter a pin may result in an account lockout for security purposes. In this case, you’ll need to initiate the password reset process.
2. Yes, you can change your pin on the Oculus device itself. To do so, follow these steps: go to “Settings” > “Device Settings” > “Security,” then enter your current pin and update it with a new one.
3. There’s no limit to how often you can change your pin – feel free to update it as frequently as you wish for added security.
4. Keep in mind, if you have two-factor authentication enabled on your account, you will need to enter the verification code received via SMS or email each time you log in, regardless of your pin.

In conclusion, updating or resetting your Oculus pin is a crucial step towards maintaining a secure and accessible virtual reality experience. By following these steps, you’ll ensure your account remains protected while granting you the freedom to easily access your favorite VR content.