How to Fix Google Photos Storage Full

In addition to the tips mentioned above, here are some more ways to free up space on your Google Photos account:

  1. Use the "Highlighted" feature to automatically delete low-quality copies of photos that were taken with multiple cameras. This will help you save storage space without deleting important memories.
  2. Use the "Optimize Storage" feature to automatically compress and reduce the size of your photos, while still preserving their quality. This can help free up more storage space without having to manually delete individual photos.
  3. Use the "Photos by Date" feature to quickly find and delete old photos that you no longer need or want to keep. You can select a specific date range and then use the "Trash" feature to delete all the photos within that time frame.
  4. Use the "Shared albums" feature to consolidate your photos into shared folders with family members or friends. This can help reduce clutter in your personal albums and free up more storage space.

  5. Use the "Search" feature to quickly find specific photos that you want to keep, rather than scrolling through your entire collection. This can save time and help you avoid accidentally deleting important memories.
  6. Consider using a third-party photo organization app or service that integrates with Google Photos. These apps can help you automatically categorize and label your photos, making it easier to find them in the future and free up more storage space.