Fix Google Drive Storage Full: Tips and Tricks

Google Drive is an excellent tool for storing and sharing files online. However, it can become frustrating when you get notifications that your storage is full. In this article, we will provide helpful tips and tricks on how to free up space on your Google Drive.

Causes of a Full Google Drive

Storing large files such as high-resolution images or videos can quickly consume your Google Drive storage space. Compressing these files using tools like TinyPNG or before uploading them to Google Drive is an effective solution. Accumulating too many duplicate files, such as multiple copies of the same document or file, can also take up unnecessary space. Tools like CleanMyDrive or Google Photos can be used to find and delete duplicates.

Expert Opinions

Google Drive expert Matt Cutts recommends organizing your folders for different types of files and using labels to categorize them. This helps in easily finding the files you need and freeing up space by deleting unnecessary ones.

Tips and Tricks

Compress large files, delete duplicates, and organize your folders are all effective ways to reduce the size of your Google Drive. Creating subfolders for different types of files can also help keep them organized. Labeling files with relevant information such as their purpose or date created can make it easier to find them later on.


Fixing a full Google Drive is easy with the right tips and tricks. By compressing large files, deleting duplicates, organizing your folders, and creating subfolders for different types of files, you can free up space on your Google Drive and make it easier to find the files you need.