How to Pass the three trials in Genshin Impact

Title: Strategies for Passing the Three Challenges in Genshin Impact: The Chasm, Slime Garden, and Domain of Lost Valor

In Genshin Impact, overcoming the three trials may appear challenging, but with strategic planning and mastery of game mechanics, victory is achievable. This article explores each trial’s specifics and offers valuable insights from experienced players.

**Trial 1: The Chasm**

Mastering enemy patterns and employing wise use of Elemental Skills (Alex) is crucial in this trial.

Tip: Experiment with elemental skills for optimal results.

**Trial 2: The Slime Garden**

Patience and precision are key to success, focusing on one enemy at a time and utilizing elemental reactions (Emily).

Tip: Maximize damage by using elemental reactions on individual enemies.

**Trial 3: The Domain of Lost Valor**

Teamwork and adaptability (Jack) are essential for this trial, as each challenge presents unique obstacles requiring effective communication with your party.

Tip: Coordinate abilities to overcome challenges effectively and maintain a diverse roster of characters.

Applying these strategies from experienced players can significantly improve performance in the trials of Genshin Impact. Good luck on your adventures!


  1. What are the three trials in Genshin Impact?


    The Chasm, Slime Garden, and Domain of Lost Valor.

  2. How can I enhance my performance in these trials?


    Mastering elemental skills, focusing on individual enemies, and communicating effectively with your team are strategies to improve performance in the trials.